Bubble Up Travels is the new travel agency for young adults (solos or with +1s)

to explore incredible destinations and meet new people in France, Europe and the World,

at low prices and most often with one of the best quality/price ratios on the market! 😍

Trips created for 20-35 year olds, students, young professionals, Erasmus, expats…

to bring you to must-see destinations as well as amazing spots off the beaten tracks,

during a daytrip, a weekend or exceptional roadtrips (1-2 weeks)

favoring intercultural exchanges and new friendships between locals and travelers ! 😊

New to Paris? Expat? French from one of the « 6 corners » of France or the DOM-TOM? Parisian? Erasmus? Student? Nomad-worker? Au pair? Long-term resident? Tourist? …. in your 20-30s? Yes?! Do you want to make new discoveries and meet new people? Yes?! ! Do not hesitate ! Join us! 📸👋💬😍☀😊

Don’t hesitate to come alone or with friends !

Open to everyone, any age, any nationality ! 😊

The majority of participants come solo to make new discoveries and meet new people! Join us ! 😊

All trips are led by an experienced tourleader with BAFA certification and/or diplomas in tourism to help with logistics, walking tours and breaking the ice between participants !

Together, with Bubble Up Travels, let’s go further ! 😊

Goal of each Bubble Up Travel :
creating trips of excellent traveler quality
favorable to new discoveries,
new encounters
and new memorable memories together! 😊

All trips include an experienced touleader-animator with BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitudes aux Fonctions d’Animateur = animator certificatation).

Your tour leader-animator will :

take you to the points of interest of the destinations !
Must-sees & secret places exploration !
(walking tours ready !)

help break the ice between participants from the first moments of the trip,
to quickly spend friendly times
together !

propose group activities
(picnics, games, language exchanges, optimized networking, artistic activities, well-being sessions, international evenings, …)

(If you wish, you can wander on your own, the only requirement is to be on time at the meeting points at each stage of the trip)


Bubble Up Travels respects the Code of Tourism 100%, and offers all travelers the following guarantees:

✅ LEGAL GUARANTEE : in compliance with the Tourism Code (national and European), all the formalities necessary for the organization of trips have been completed. After a long process of procedures reviewed by the authorized organizations, presented in commissions in front of experts (tourism, risk analysis, legal, …), we are pleased to announce that we have obtained the MANDATORY conditions to make you travel! Unlimited FINANCIAL GUARANTEE and Atout France TRAVEL LICENSE (registrations in the T&Cs) 😊

By French and European laws, any trip organizer (tour operator, travel agency, association law 1901…) are ALL required to have a financial guarantee (granted by an authorized official body) and Atout France registration (this travel license is compulsory for all French and European operators operating regularly on French soil.)

🚨 Traveling with a trip organizer without a financial guarantee and Atout France travel license means you accept to compromise your security and you approve harmful illegal acts. Remember to always read the T&Cs before buying any travel ticket (the mention of Financial Guarantee and Atout France Travel License registrations are mandatory), show critical and ethical thinking for a safer world! Become a responsible traveler! ✔

With Bubble Up Travels: travel safely and legally! ✔

✅ RESPECT GUARANTEE : a purchased ticket = a guaranteed spot at the trip (here we do not make overbookings! We respect our participants) ✔

✅ QUALITY GUARANTEE : tourism coach with recent technical inspections and standard to superior quality accommodation carefully chosen to guarantee your comfort and a pleasant trip ✔

✅ ETHICAL GUARANTEE : we respect Labor Law, the Tourism Code and Competition Law, which must be fair. Here we do not practice modern slavery, under the disguise of non-profits or otherwise… unjustifiable, illegal and humanly unethical practices! Our tourleaders are declared and paid for their services ✔

✅ EXPERIENCE GUARANTEE : organization of must-see tours as well as new, original trips by the creator of Bubble Up Travels, which provides you with the result of many years of experience in the tourism and events fields, and years of research & development! Get ready for incredible unique trips! Future best-sellers in the starting blocks from Paris it’s with Bubble Up Travels! ✔

✅ GOOD ViBES GUARANTEE : welcome to trips to explore AND meet new people, locals and internationals, in a friendly atmosphere, with dynamic tourleaders (with BAFA and/or tourist certification)! With Bubble Up Travels come and have a good time, explore, chat happily and create new friendships in joy and good humor! Time to Bubble Up! 😊 See you soon!



Getaways in Ile-de-France for a day, using the regional public transports

✅ FREE with the Navigo pass

Come enjoy proximity tourism with us !

Discover our circuits, our friendly atmosphere and meet new people!

As many times as you like ! 😊

✅ FOR FREE ✅ ( yes, there is no purchase obligation of a daytrip, weekend or roadtrip ! )

Don’t hesitate to join us for a friendly moment together ! 😊

We love to walk and meet new people ! So if you do too, we look forward meeting you very soon 😊


Must-see destinations and incredible off the beaten tracks destinations all year round at very low prices!

Destinations to visit at least once in your life : Etretat, Deauville, the seaside resorts of Normandy and Brittany, …

Incredible destinations: secret trips tailor-made by Bubble Up Travels, only!

🟡 CRAZY price from €29.99

🟢 DREAMY price from €49.99

🔵 REGULAR price at €69.99

🔥 Prices increase as the travel date approaches!
🔥 Limited number of spots 🔥


Come and visit Mont Saint Michel, the Loire Valley Castles, Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Luxembourg and more!

Dates available soon!

🟡 CRAZY price from €79.99

🟢 DREAMY price from €99.99

🔵 REGULAR price at €129.99

🔥 Prices increase as the travel date approaches!
🔥 Limited number of spots 🔥


🟡 CRAZY price from €129.99

🟢 DREAMY price from €159.99

🔵 REGULAR price at €189.99

🔥 Prices increase as the travel date approaches!
🔥 Limited number of spots 🔥


Upcoming dates:

May 2023: Norway (SOLD OUT)

August 2023: MONTENEGRO

March 2024: soon to be announced

April 2024: soon to be announced

May 2024: soon to be announced

June 2024: soon to be announced

July 2024: soon to be announced


The most beautiful summer destinations at group rates, for 1 to 2 weeks!

TRANSPORT by minibus or coach with dedicated driver for our unique tours!
ACCOMMODATION generally 3* and 4*
EXPERIENCED TOURLEADER with BAFA for controlled logistics and a friendly trip!


On the home page, do not hesitate to click on the button “NEXT TRIPS”. The list of upcoming trips will be displayed. It is updated regularily, as soon as new announcements of upcoming trips are made.

In general :

a mystery getaway is announced 1 to 2 weeks before departure

a day trip is announced 3 to 8 weeks before departure

a weekend is announced 4-8 weeks before departure

a roadtrip is announced between 3-6 months in advance


Upcoming trips : www.bubble-up-travels.com/events-voyages

In the description of the trip you wish to participate in, there is a link to a secure online ticket office. On the online ticket office dedicated to the trip, choose the current rate and the number of tickets desired, depending on the remaining availabilities. Fill in your details and proceed to payment. Once the payment is received, a confirmation email will be edited and sent to your email address automatically. In this email you will find your ticket, to present on the day of departure.

Reservations are mainly made by credit card on the online ticket office.

In case you encounter a difficulty to make your online payment, you can make a cash payment on the appointments day (Wednesdays from 1PM to 6PM). Bubble Up Travels works in nomadic offices, so the meeting place changes every Wednesday. Don’t forget to make an appointment in advance by email.

Bank transfers are accepted for roadtrips where ticketing fees are very high. When this payment method is possible, it will be indicated in the description of the trip.

« Chèques-vacances » will be accepted in 2024

For any information you seek but haven’t found in the description of the trip, on our website or in our FAQs, do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@bubble-up.fr . We will respond to you as soon as possible, within 48 working hours.

FREE BONUS : If you want to get to know the Bubble Up Travels community, you are welcome to participate in FREE ACTIVITIES during the week and/or weekends. With New Local & International Friends (NewLiF), we organize well-being and artistic activities, sports, cultural outings, photo walks, picnics, aperitifs, parties, … 3-5 times a week! The majority of participants come solo to meet new people. All activities are organized with an animator !


The day before the trip (generally between 8 PM and 9:30 PM), you will receive an email reminding you of the meeting place and time of your upcoming trip. This information is already indicated on your ticket, do not hesitate to take a closer look at it.

The number of the tourleader will not be indicated before the trip, your tourleader will communicate it in the coach, once the trip has started. And it will be proposed to the present participants to create a WhatsApp group dedicated to the trip, to share geolocations and photos, keep in touch, … Bubble Up Travels are favorable to new friendships, for a day or forever!

For all trips it is recommended to bring:

  • a bottle of water (a durable thermos is better)
  • shoes adapted to the city and dirt roads
  • your camera / your smartphone charged to 100%
  • an external battery (powerbank) to be able to take photos and videos from morning to evening


For beach excursions, also bring:

  • your bath towel
  • your sunscreen
  • your hat
  • your sunglasses


For the weekends (several days of travel), do not forget:

  • your shower towel (micro-fiber recommended for lightness and quick drying)
  • your toilet bag (shampoo, brush, toothbrush, face cream, …)
  • a change of clothes or two
  • your smartphone charger, tablet, external battery

As much as you can carry! But the less you take the better it is for the planet (the more luggage weight, the more fuel is needed to move the coach forward). We therefore recommend that you simply bring the essentials 😊

For roadtrips (long duration/distance travels) special instructions may apply depending on the local carrier. If no indication is specified in the description of the roadtrip, do not hesitate to consult us.

The morning (or evening) of departure, it is important to come at the MEETING TIME (30 minutes before departure) because at the DEPARTURE TIME the coach is driving off.


Between the MEETING time and the DEPARTURE time, a lot happens :

  • ice-breaking animation to get to know each other and laugh together right away
  • creation of membership cards for participants who come for the 1st time
  • verification of the tickets of all participants before boarding the bus

So come early or on time at the MEETING time for a good start, avoid any disappointment, and get to know your tourleader and all the participants


The MEETING time being 30 minutes before the DEPARTURE time, the bus will not wait for any latecomers. The trip begins together in joy and good humor at the MEETING time with a punctual departure at the DEPARTURE time in order to respect the trip program, thus rewarding the punctual participants.

No-show at departure is the Customer’s responsibility, no refund, no credit note or exchange can be requested.

Your tourleader will help with placement in the coach according to several parameters. Precise instructions will be explained by your tourleader on the morning of departure. The first come, first served rule does not apply in priority. Your tourleader is in charge of the placement in the coach.

Of course, friends who wish to be seated together will be able to do so and people who suffer from motion sickness will have priority to sit in front, etc. The optimized placement in the coach by Bubble Up Travels is carried out to help the conviviality and optimal comfort of the whole group.

Excursions and weekends : 50-80 participants.

Mystery getaways in Ile-de-France : 10-30 participants

Roadtrips : 7-20 participants

Each participant has 2 choices during the trips:

stay with the tourleader and the whole group to visit, walk, have lunch, swim, … and together return on time or in advance to the bus meeting point for the next stage or return journey. Guaranteed, by staying with your tourleader you will never miss a coach departure.


be on your own, enjoy your free time as you wish, with one sole instruction : be on time at the appointment at the bus. The meeting time is reminded orally before exiting the bus at destination ; listen carefully to your tourleader before leaving the bus. The meeting time is 10-15min before the departure of the bus. If you are late and miss the departure of the bus, it is up to you to join the group by your own means at the next stage or return by your own means, at your expense in both cases. All participants being adults, able to make their own decisions, any lateness will be considered as the participant’s desire to stay on site to enjoy the destination longer.

Failure to fully consume a trip is the responsibility of the Customer, no refund, no credit note or exchange can be requested.

In accordance with Articles L.121-18-4° and L.121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer does not have a right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal does not apply to tourism services.

All trips are non-refundable, but we nevertheless offer various possibilities : transfer your ticket to someone (traveler modification), exchange to another trip, or obtain a credit note, according to the conditions detailed in article 6 of the T&Cs.

Conditions applicable to trips paid less than €100:


  • up to 30 days before departure:

for a €10 administration fee, your ticket can be exchanged for another existing trip at the same price or more expensive (by paying the difference)


  • up to 21 days before departure:

for a €10 administration fee, you can get a credit note valid 6 months, that you can use to enjoy a trip in January, February, March, June, September or November (credit note can only be used in full once)


  • up to 15 days before departure:

o day trip ticket : for a €20 administration fee, your ticket can be exchanged for another existing trip at the same price or more expensive (by paying the difference)

o weekend ticket : for a €40 administration fee, your ticket can be exchanged for another existing trip at the same price or more expensive (by paying the difference)


  • up to 72 hours before departure:

for a €10 administration fee, you can change the traveler (please send the following information by email: LAST NAME, First name, email address and telephone number of the traveler replacing you. Please cc the traveler in the email for faster processing)


  • in the event of COVID:

we recommend that you subscribe to a travel insurance covering this situation;

nevertheless, exceptionally, on presentation of a positive PCR test for COVID, diagnosed (= date of sampling) between 7 days and 72 hours before departure (to be sent to our customer service no later than the day before your trip), free of charge you will get a credit note valid 6 months, that you can use to enjoy a trip in January, February, March, June, September or November (credit note can only be used in full once)


After these deadlines and/or in any other case, 100% of the amount of the trip is retained as cancellation fees. No-show at departure is the Customer’s responsibility, no refund, no credit note nor exchange can be requested.


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10AM – 1PM + 2PM-6PM


Tel :
+33 7 44 44 22 36

Email :


Appointment Day
Wednesday 1PM-6PM
(only upon scheduled appointments)

Nomade offices (for appointments)
in prestigious Parisian establishment
( each week we’re enjoying a new p(a)lace ! )

The announcements of the next events and trips, tips and exceptional offers, it’s this way :
Stay tuned ! Join us soon 😊


Office de Tourisme Paris

Travel Licence

Financial warranty


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expats, parisians, tourists, …

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